Southern Eagle’s Community Outreach and Partnership Commitment

Southern Eagle Distributing prides itself on the strong relationships it has with our law enforcement agencies, not-for profit organizations, and local schools on the Treasure Coast.  We provide them with educational programs and literature on eliminating underage drinking and promoting responsible drinking habits for adults.

Southern Eagle also provides the following program materials to educate the general public at events, retail outlets and schools:


• “WE ID” push/pull stickers, window clings, clock neon calendars, and change mats.

• Fund the Street Smart school program (PSL High, SLW Centennial High, Ft Pierce Central High, John Carroll High)

• Current Driver's License booklets to help distinguish valid ID’s from fake ID’s.

• “Learn To Serve” an on-line server/seller, web-based training certification program.

• “Good Sport” a program encouraging responsible behavior at sporting venues.


As part of our Designated Driver program efforts, Southern Eagle participates in the "Alert Cab" program and "Tow2Go" programs throughout the year. These programs are designed to give consumers a safe ride home if they have over-consumed.


Environmentally, Southern Eagle continues to support our community through clean-up initiatives, recycling and water conservation just to name a few.


For more information on these program’s contact Southern Eagle at  772.461.8644



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