Promotional Representative

This is a seasonal position and is expected to work evenings and weekends.

Individuals in this position will be requested to work on an “as needed” basis.


The position is responsible for the following:

- Responsible for checking in via email on Monday to assigned supervisor to notify supervisor of your availability for each event and upcoming promotions.

- Notifying management 48 hours prior to any promotional cancellation.

- Contact your assigned promotion 24 hours prior to each event.

- Implement promotional activities to enhance the purchase of Southern Eagle brands in various bars, stores, eating establishments and special events.

- Promotional activities will include, but are not limited to, informative consumer interaction, promotional item distribution, and product samplings for the purpose of initiating higher sales of specific event brand.

- Must be familiar with “Brand Fact Sheets”.

- Main focus will be to create and/or reinforce brand loyalty of Southern Eagle’s products.

- Must be able to educate the consumer and create excitement for the brand.

- Professionalism is required at all times.

-  Record and report all special event efforts as required by Southern Eagle.


The Promotional Representatives must be able to:


Implement promotional activities in a timely manner for promoted brands in bars, eating establishments, stores and at special events.


Quickly memorize “Data Fact Sheets”


Communicate educational information and build excitement for the promoted item.


Always conduct yourself in a professional manner


The ideal candidate for this position will be self-confident and extroverted. Expectations and directives can quickly change, which requires regularly communicating and pro-actively establishing relationships with customers. The ability to quickly react and motivate others is a critical key to success. Attention to detail and the ability to deliver within time constraints is a must.


Prior sales / marketing/ special event / promotional experience would be considered a plus.


Southern Eagle Distributing is an equal opportunity employer and selects the best matched individuals for the job based on job related qualifications, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation, or other protected groups under state, federal or local equal opportunity laws.




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